Age Reversal

This is a prescription product!

Age Reversal Night Complex is a night anti-aging treatment for dry, dehydrated, tired, mature, or environmentally damaged skins and on waking, the skin feels supple and completely moisturized.

Main Function:

  • It can be used in the morning and at night to help in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, and repair age-related skin damage.
  • It also provides key moisturization to assist in regulating desquamation.
  • It helps reverse visible signs of aging, giving you more youthful-looking, firmer skin.

Make enquiries about your skin condition and the best product to use. Each skin consultation and examination is the basis on which all recommendations or treatment is planned which is a personalized solution tailored to your skin and lifestyle needs.

You need a prescription to use this product. Book an Appointment below to get a prescription.

Price: ₦ 5,000.00