This is a Prescription Product!

Anti-Inflame-Ageing is a highly effective Ultra-Rich ‘First Aid’ kit for inflamed, irritated, or extremely sensitive skins. It protects against skin redness on irritation and itching, reducing the need to scratch the skin. It can be used to combat dry, chapped, and aging skin, as well as in atopic Eczema. It can also be used to relieve dry, itchy skin, Eczema, and control other skin rashes.
Using this product helps normalize hypersensitive skins, reduce swelling and improve skin firmness. It increases elasticity and tone to provide a smooth skin.

Main Functions:
• Natural actives fight against age-related chronic micro-inflammation
• Reduces swelling
• Anti-Itch properties, reducing the need to scratch
• Improves Rosacea
• Increases elasticity, tone, and skin firmness
• Super soothing
• Anti-sagging activity
• Protects against oxidative stress
• Helps normalize hypersensitive skins

Make enquiries about your skin condition and the best product to use. Each skin consultation and examination is the basis on which all recommendations or treatment is planned which is a personalized solution tailored to your skin and lifestyle needs.

You need a prescription to use this product. Book an Appointment below to get a prescription.

Price: ₦ 5,000.00