O2 Radiance Luminosity Masque

This is a prescription product!

O2 -Radiance Luminosity Masque is a creamy mask with innovative pigments that provide facial skin with instant luminosity. It works for all skin types against the main signs of aging, improving the quality of the skin and fighting against skin aging.

After application, the skin’s capacity of response and defense against skin aging and environmental effects is considerably reinforced, making the skin radiant and luminous and bringing back that all-important youthful healthy glow.

Make enquiries about your skin condition and the best product to use. Each skin consultation and examination is the basis on which all recommendations or treatment is planned which is a personalized solution tailored to your skin and lifestyle needs.

You need a prescription to use this product. Book an Appointment below to get a prescription.

Price: ₦ 5,000.00