Target Cellulite 100ml

This is a prescription product!

Target Cellulite Silhouette Contouring Complex offers a triple-action anti-cellulite approach to block the inevitable cycle: fat accumulation, water retention, degradation of the fibrous matrix. This high-tech active dislodges fat, reduces infiltrations in swollen zones of edema, and restores adipose tissue homeostasis.

90% of women have cellulite, the hormone, estrogen, being a major culprit, stimulating metabolic activity of adipocytes (fat cells). Fat, fluids, and toxins are trapped under the skin, fat is compressed, circulation is hampered, causing an orange peel effect.

It is the quality of a woman’s skin and age, rather than the quantity of fat in their thigh, that determines whether cellulite occurs. As women mature, skin becomes thinner and cellulite looks worse. It is critical therefore that the anti-aging factor is brought into the treatment equation.

Main Function:
• It blocks fat accumulation, water retention, and degradation of the fibrous matrix of the skin.
• It removes fats from the skin

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Price: ₦ 5,000.00